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Polaris (North Star) Celestial Collection


Nothing captures the imagination as much as a beautifully, sparkling starry night sky. The perfect combination of magical and mysterious, The North star in particular served as a beacon of inspiration and hope for many across the centuries.


The Ancient Chinese people called Polaris the "Emperor Star," the Navajo refer to it as the "Fire Star" and other Native tribes, such as the Pawnee, knew it as the "Chief Star"... a celestial example of how the chiefs should behave. 


The North Star, then, was a symbol of stability, leadership and guardianship, but like the sparks of imagination from which dreams are formed, stars represent limitless possibilities and infinite wonder.


Over the years, Polaris has come to be associated with direction and purpose, glowing bright to guide our heart's true desires.


All pieces are base metal plated in Sterling Silver / Gold Vermeil with CZ star, sold with Silver diamond cut curb (unhallmarked) extendable trace Chain (16-18") OR Gold Plated Curb 1.2mm 18"/45cm. 


Perfect for a striking statement piece, classic minimalism or stacking with other necklaces!


Available in:
Large Gold / Silver Vermeil - 10.5mm x 14mm
Small Silver / Gold - 7.8mm x 10.5mm


*The small is quite small so unless want a really teeny pendant, I would suggest the large..

Polaris Collection Pendant