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Therapy Sessions is more than a clothing range, it is an entire movement across the Globe, having originated over a decade ago in East London as a weekly event celebrating grimey, underground & dark Drum and Bass music that you would never hear on commerical radio. Heavily influenced by Heavy Metal, Grunge, Glitch and experiemental Break Beat & recently elements of Hardcore, Therapy Sessions events have been bringing demented joy to the masses since 2000 and is still going strong. 


From this sound developed an intense image (rather than nowadays image being a precurser for anything tangible), and it seemed only fitting to branch out with amazing indie Artists we've curated around the world via flyer design to work that into clothing design. Therapy Sessions is an Ode to Skulls, Ravens, Psycho Clowns, Bones, old 80's movies or Heavy Metal imagery and, yes, more skulls ;)


This design is called our Doom T Shirt created in correlation with a Therapy Sessions Recordings release by one of our favourite Artists, Hostage, who specialises in Doom Metal style Drum and Bass. This image really suited him and his sound but is completely translatable across multiple genres and relateable to sooo many people. Printed on Softstyle Gildan.

Doom Shirt