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Thomas Chadwick is a Bristol based Artist creating totally fun and very affordable Earrings, Necklaces and Brooches using hand drawn stencils that he scans, prints onto a polymer material, bakes to shrink, paints and then, voila!, finished with sterling silver plated posts. 


From Howls Moving Castle, Calcifer is a fire demon, though he was originally a falling star whom Howl was able to catch before he fell to earth and extinguished. He is a very powerful creature with a great deal of magical ability, though cannot move beyond the confines of the hearth in which Howl keeps him without the wizard's help. 


Highly recommend the book and film, and fun fact is the book is by Diana Winn Jones and is partly set on a housing estate in Wales (which is lost in the Japanese animation).

Calcifer Fire Demon Drop Earrings

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